Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
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County of Madera


Search & Rescue

  1. Map and Compass
  2. Extra Water
  3. Extra Clothing
  4. Extra Food
  5. Flashlight (with extra bulb & batteries)
  6. Matches or Lighter & Fire starter
  7. Knife
  8. First Aid Supplies, Sun protection, Insect Repellent  
  9. Plastic Trowel & Toilet Paper
  10. Whistle
  11. Communication devices: Two-way radios, cell phones with fully charged batteries, satellite telephones ... It’s important to know that in mountainous and remote areas range of coverage may be limited and in some cases NOT work at all. The same holds true for ham radios.

When you go out, even for a day hike, it is critical that you tell someone exactly where you are going, when you will return, and also leave a note in your car.

sar-searchIt may help us save your life!sar-team

Tracking System designed to find Alzheimer’s patients who wander off.

  • Do you have a loved one who wanders or gets lost due to Alzheimer’s disease?
  • “OPERATION LOST & FOUND” provides a unique combination of Monitoring AND Locating capabilities, available to Madera County residents.

The Madera County Search & Rescue Team uses state of the art technology in assisting those who care for victims of Alzheimer’s and other related diseases.

“OPERATION LOST & FOUND” is 100% volunteer staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In Madera County alone it is estimated that as many as 1,360 could be or soon will be inflicted with the disease. If you have a loved one or know of someone diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, call the Madera County Sheriff’s Department to learn more about Operation Lost & Found and how the program can help you. A member of the Sheriff’s Department will visit your home and will install a bracelet with a personalized transmitter.

Madera County Search & Rescue is actively recruiting new members. Volunteers take part in mandatory monthly training missions in order to maintain the required skills as well developing new ones.

sar-snowmobiles    To save a life would you: Hike into forbidden wilderness; ascend a mountain peak; crawl into an abandoned mineshaft; trudge through hot sand; or plunge into racing white water rapids?

Volunteers with the Madera County Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue team do all that and more in their struggle to provide life-saving services to those in need. Searches can be as grueling as they are time consuming. Sheriff’s volunteers come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common...compassion for their fellow man.


The following SAR Teams are utilized by the Madera County Sheriff’s Department: Dive Team, Technical Team, Foot Searchers, Posse, 4x4 Team, Canine and Overhead Team. Many members of Madera County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Team are cross-trained, able to assist when and where they are needed.

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County Mission/Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Madera County's Mission is to serve the public interest in a fiscally responsible manner by providing efficient, cost effective customer service, promoting public health and safety while creating new possibilities with partnerships through a diversified economy.

Vision Statement

Madera County is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, with integrity, and is committed to the highest quality of life for all.

Upcoming Events

Mar 30th, 8:00am -5:00pm
: Cesar Chavez Day

General County Contact

General County Contact
200 W. 4th Street
Madera, CA 93637
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Use this number to get general information about the County or County departments.  

For non-emergency information or service, dial 311