Monday, Feb 19, 2018
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County of Madera


Live Scan Fingerprinting


Madera County Sheriff's Department

2725 Falcon Dr.
Madera, CA 93637
(559) 675-7770 ext 210 or (559) 658-2560 ext 102

Monday through Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm

If service is unavailable, or interrupted, please call 559-675-7770, ext. 210, for service out of MAIN OFFICE located in Madera.

Due to the high demand for Live Scan Fingerprinting, the Live Scan Operator is usually booked 1 to 2 weeks in advance. Payment must be made and valid identification provided to the operator at the time your fingerprints are rolled. Remember, you must bring the live scan form with you. The Madera County Sheriff's Department charges an $8 rolling fee in addition to DOJ and FBI processing costs. Fees can be paid by either cash or check. Please inquire about fees when setting up appointment.

Live Scan Service Documentation Required:

At the time your fingerprints are rolled, you must bring with you the live scan form. You must also bring valid picture identification. This includes, CA Driver's License, CA Identification Card, Military ID, Passport ID, alien work permit or out of state Driver's License and Identification Card and high school id cards (if you are currently in high school). Receipts for an ID Card or Driver's License from the DMV are not valid photo identification. Marticulor de Consular cards are not considered valid photo identification.

If you need the live scan form for Record Review or a blank Live Scan form, please follow the link to the Office of the Attorney General, Department of Justice:

Ink Fingerprints

Madera Main Office
These are done by appointments only.  Please call (559) 675-7770, ext. 210 or (559) 658-2560 ex.t 102 to schedule an appointment. Ink cards are $8.00 each.

  • You may pay by cash or check
  • You will need a valid picture ID 

County Mission/Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Madera County's Mission is to serve the public interest in a fiscally responsible manner by providing efficient, cost effective customer service, promoting public health and safety while creating new possibilities with partnerships through a diversified economy.

Vision Statement

Madera County is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, with integrity, and is committed to the highest quality of life for all.

General County Contact

General County Contact
200 W. 4th Street
Madera, CA 93637
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Use this number to get general information about the County or County departments.  

For non-emergency information or service, dial 311