Madera County

Measure L Madera County Proposed Public Safety Sales Tax

What is Proposed?

Specific Use Tax

Specific Use Tax is Proposed for Placement on the March 2017 Ballot

Requires a Supermajority Vote of 2/3rds

Sales Tax Proceeds Can Only be Allocated by the County to Public Safety Projects

A General Sales Tax is NOT Proposed Because Revenues Would be Placed in the General Fund for Nonspecific Uses and Could be Used for Purposes other than Public Safety

One-Cent Sales Tax Increase

Sales tax to be collected and spent only in the Unincorporated Area of the County

Will Increase Sales Tax from Current 7.75-Cents to 8.75-Cents

Collected for 20-Years (October 2017 to June 2037)

Will Generate Approximately $4 Million in Year 1 and $11.4 Million in Year 20

The Proceeds will be Split with Approximately 80% to the Fire

Department and 20% to the Sheriff’s Office

Maximum of 1% of the Proceeds Used to Administer the Tax

A ½ Cent Tax Would Not Provide Adequate Revenue to Make Significant Enhancements

How Can You Learn More?


Enhanced Public Safety

Increased Staffing Levels

Improved Response Times

Attend Scheduled Presentations

View Information and Materials Provided on this Webpage

Attend Board of Supervisor Meetings on October 18th and November 1th

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Eric Fleming at

CAL FIRE Unit/Fire Chief Nancy Koerperich at

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